Theresa Danley’s interest in history, science and adventure all come together in her action-packed archaeological thrillers. Her explosive adventures explore the impacts ancient mythologies can have on modern ideologies, extracting answers to the unknown and mysterious through heart-pounding, edge-of-your-seat suspense.

Theresa began linking the realms of the ancient world with the present in 2010 with the publication of her first thriller, Effigy. The journey continues with the release of her 2nd and 3rd books, Deity and Relic.

Theresa lives along the hi-line of Montana where she keeps busy raising her family, riding her horses and entertaining her imagination with writing and research.

Science unearths a deadly prophecy…


Science resurrects the gods


Science restores a forgotten past


“Theresa Danley defly blends contemporary and ancient mysteries together in a uniquely American…or maybe that should be Meso-American…archaeological adventure that grabs you and doesn’t let go. If you need a break from Templar treasures and Masonic mysticism, EFFIGY is just what the doctor ordered.”
-Sean Ellis, author of INTO THE BLACK and THE SHROUD OF HEAVEN

“Theresa's manly lady upbringing throws a little perfumed spice on the archaeological campfire…”
-Ross Eddy Osborn, author of FOREVER FOUND FOREVER LOST




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