Science resurrects the gods

While on the hunt for two missing colleagues in Mexico, anthropologist Anthony Peet barely escapes a cenote collapse with his life while his student, Lori Dewson, is lost to a watery grave. Reeling from the tragedy, he is forced to continue his search, which quickly leads to the trail of a stolen reliquary cross rumored to have direct access to God. Little does Peet realize he’s centered himself between two opposing paramilitaries gridlocked in their own clandestine war.

Combed from the land where even gods are known to fall, subtle clues sweep Peet from majestic Mayan pyramids to Izapan mythology to the Long Count Calendar’s cosmology. Secrets are as entangled as the tropical forests and unraveling them requires wading through the emotional jungle of his own heart. In this world, truths are distorted every step of the way and Peet must determine which friends cannot be trusted, which enemies to befriend, what finds were never lost and which losses should never be found.

From the author of EFFIGY comes the sequel adventure, DEITY – “Science Resurrects The Gods.”


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“Deity begins with a sense of dread and accelerates to a pulse pounding conclusion”
CD Echterling Author of Scavengers

“From captivating points of view to credible characters you come to admire, Danley whisks you away on a riveting page-turner through Central America’s tropical splendor in Deity as the end of the Mayan Calendar nears.”
Devin Lee Carlson, Author of 2012: Mayan Resurrection

“With its superb historical detail and edge-of-seat suspense, Deity sweeps readers into a breathtaking, divine adventure tinged with the power of the Ancients and streaked with modern intrigue.”
Sandra Carrington-Smith, Author of award-winning novel The Book of Obeah and Killer in Sight (A Tom Lackey Mystery).

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