Newly re-released, October 2016
Theresa Danley has teamed up with Solstice Publishing
to bring back EFFIGY!

Science unearths a deadly prophecy…

A serial killer is on the loose, depositing his victims’ hearts amid the Toltec ruins of central Mexico. Meanwhile, a priceless Mesoamerican artifact is stolen from the University of Utah, sweeping archaeologists Anthony Peet and Lori Dewson on a desperate recovery mission south of the border. Accompanied by a reluctant colleague, an enthusiastic young journalist and a Yaqui woman in mourning, the team must decipher clues hidden within the Aztec sunstone, mystical Toltec Pyramids and astronomical calendar rounds to find the priceless effigy of Quetzalcoatl. They suddenly find themselves in a race against the coming solar eclipse, all the while dodging a corrupt Mexican police force still on the hunt for the sadistic murderer – a killer who’s chosen one of them for his next human sacrifice.



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“Really a masterful job…An absolute pleasure to read.”
-Gary Val Tenuta, author of THE EZEKIEL CODE

“Theresa Danley defly blends contemporary and ancient mysteries together in a uniquely American…or maybe that should be Meso-American…archaeological adventure that grabs you and doesn’t let go. If you need a break from Templar treasures and Masonic mysticism, EFFIGY is just what the doctor ordered.”
-Sean Ellis, author of INTO THE BLACK and THE SHROUD OF HEAVEN

"Effigy emerges heads above the plethora of 2012 related literature with a fresh approach…”

“Theresa's manly lady upbringing throws a little perfumed spice on the archaeological campfire…”
-Ross Eddy Osborn, author of FOREVER FOUND FOREVER LOST

"A rip-roaring archaeological adventure..."
-Kent Holloway, author of PRIMAL THIRST and SIRENS' SONG


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